Enid Legros-Wise RCA

ENID LEGROS-WISE RCA "Enid Legros-Wise has many awards and honours to her credit, including two Croix de Chevalier in France, the Sarajevo Prize from the First World Triennial of Small Ceramics in Yugoslavia, and the Gaspesian Cultural Merit Award 1996. In 2007 she was made a member of the prestigious Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA).

Enid's evolution of expression stretches from the simple search for aesthetics of her earliest works in porcelain in the 1970s into abstract form and philosophical questioning of the creative process itself, each time adding layers of meaning. In 2007 she exhibited three versions of a large installation entitled "Veritas", in which she used one thousand cups in porcelain as a vehicle to explore a collective search for truth. This work took a simple object of use and placed it in a philosophical and social context, neatly uniting the two poles of fine craft and contemporary art, and at the same time engaging the public in the very process of the creative act.

Today Enid is adding words and verses to her porcelain jewelry which she is presenting under the banner “Wear your veritas”.